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Ride like a Pro- Biking Tours

A thriving outdoor community, San Luis Obispo has seemingly equal amounts of road and mountain biking attractions. The landscape has a multitude of different trails and tours that will wear you out long before you can wear them out.

The city was proud to be a highlighted stop three years in a row on the Amgen Tour of California, challenging world-class cyclists in a competition that extended from the Bay Area to Los Angeles.

But don’t be intimidated, there are more than enough trails (both paved and otherwise) to suit even the most casual biker who might simply be looking for a refreshing change of pace. Find the best california bike trails, San Luis Obispo bike trails, or take a mountain bike vacation. Check out the links below for suggested rides.

Historical Downtown bike tour: Take an easy 4.3-mile ride around San Luis Obispo's downtown and see some of the highlights. Details and map here.

The wine country of Edna Valley: Pedal by a dozen world-class wineries while taking in world class scenery just south of San Luis Obispo. Choose from three suggested loops or make your own.

Great Rides. A series of 17 great San Luis Obispo County bike rides to choose from narrated by Robert Davis, San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club member and author/photographer for The Tribune.  Click here for map.

Favorite Rides. These started as a collection of rides selected as favorite rides by members of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club in 2001. Over time, additional rides have been added. Generally the rides are 30 to 50 miles and feature some challenging hills.  Click here for map. 

Founders of the SLO Bicycle Club Rides. These are Daddy Stronglegs' favorite road rides. A.K.A. Larry Souza and The Founder, he founded the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club in 1971. In that same year, he instituted the Wildflower Century and the Lighthouse Century. He served as president of the SLO Bicycle Club for the first three years. Here is what he likes about these rides. Few trees! Nothing to block the fine panoramas. Few cars! The roads, with rare exceptions, are quiet roads. Few signs of habitation! Structures are few. Big sky! Nothing to block it from sight. Wide valleys! Rolling hills! Steep ascents! Wonderful descents! All these features combine to form a landscape described as delitescent ( del-uh-tes-unt). A place of solitude. An attractive place to hermits and recluses.  Click here for map. 

Mountain Biking. What are these rides? They are all for mountain bicyclists. All four rides will have pavement and dirt on each excursion. The roads will be quiet. The roads will have hardly any traffic. The roads are roads. There will be no singletrack. So the riders should not fall over. The slow cyclist will be welcome. The rides will be fun.  Click here for map. 

Gentle or Beginner's Ride. This is a list of some of the favorite rides of the SLOPokes group. This group likes to keep the pace of rides at about 12 miles per hour, ride 20 to 30 miles and avoid strenuous hills. If you are new to cycling, this is a good place to find a great variety of enjoyable rides.  Click here for map. 

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